FlexTrac IP - Core Capabilities

Cloud and Local Install Based IP Management Solutions

Auto Docketing for US Patents & Trademarks

FlexTrac’s Preference Rules Tab, includes hundreds of task types for U.S. Patent & Trademark Law, and PCT Law through national phase entry. Each task’s rules use triggering events to automatically create docketing items and additional settings to automatically calculate the due date. Foreign matters can easily be docketed manually.Once in the system the foreign rules will auto generate.

Custom Reminders

Create custom task rules using our Reminder Rules tab. Automatically handle foreign patent law, internal reminders, client reminders, or anything else you may want to add. Manually add custom tasks to matters automatically generate them from one or more triggering events.

Executive Insight

FlexTrac’s modules, store information for all IP related matters, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing, and trade secrets. Utilize the General tab, for managing information specific to your business and litigation.


FlexTrac’s Time Tracking and Billing module is a full featured billing and invoicing system built specifically for Intellectual Property professionals. Law firms can track their time, easily invoice their clients and record payments. No more transferring data to or from other systems or having to work with different products with different interfaces.

Outlook Reminder

FlexTrac’s FREE Outlook integration, allows for our customers to automatically or manually pull all of their reminders straight to their Outlook calendar. Also serves as a second docket for reminders. (Cloud users must put their Outlook on the cloud).

Prior Art Management

Use FlexTrac’s Prior Art module to manage prior art references across complex matter families, site references and generate accurately populate Information Disclosure Statements in seconds for uploading to the USPTO.

Create and Schedule Custom Reports

FlexTrac’s powerful filtering easily creates reports and spreadsheets of select data. Create and keep custom reports or spreadsheets for future use.

Forms Library

Save time and improve accuracy by utilizing FlexTrac's 450 up-to-date forms and letters. Easily populate dozens of Official USPTO forms, including the Application Data Sheet and IDS. Create custom form letters and emails populated with information from your Flextrac database.

User Management

Control user access to your account with fine-grained permission for each user, specify which modules can be accessed and if they can add, change or delete records in that module. Restrict users to their own information in the system, such as their own assigned matters, billing items and docketing tasks.

Automatic sync of USPTO data from Private Pair

FlexTrac’s comprehensive sync tool will automatically pull in data from your Private Pair account and TSDR. This feature essentially removes the need to manually log into Private Pair to retrieve data after receiving office actions associated with US patents, or general information. This feature does NOT update your database for you. It is your responsibility to “accept, reject or permanently reject” all changes. WE DO NOT SYNC WITH FOREIGN OFFICES.

Automated Email Scheduling

Easily schedule emails to be sent, every 30,60 or 90 days.Scheduled on the 1st or the 15th of each month, or both.

Data Import/Export

FlexTrac’s Team will ASSIST in the migration of your database into our CTS system from any other system. We provide a Template for your data to be populated. Our tech team will walk you through every step.

Premium Support

All users have full access to FlexTrac’s outstanding USA based customer support. 9-5 CST excluding major holidays. Schedule 1-on-1 assistance with our support staff. Utilize our Client Care Center, for 24/7 downloadable manuals and training videos.


FlexTrac’s web Access allows for your client to log in and access up-to-date information regarding their IP Matters. Publish real time case information.

Inventor portal

Chat and exchange drawings and additional information through CTS, via our online Inventor portal.

Flextrac’s Additional Offerings

Managed Docketing Services

Data entry, case tracking, report generation, letter generation, docketing and paralegal work.

Virtual Team 365

Virtual Receptionist. Around the clock staffing for your needs.

SQL Hosting

We will host your database for you! 7-day sequential backups and maintenance.

Dedicated server

FlexTrac Solution, Office 2016, Remote Users, Custom Program Installation, Web access, adobe PRO and 7-day sequential backups and maintenance.

FlexTrac® offers advanced enterprise capabilities found within expensive IP Management Systems, but at a fraction of their cost! — Andrea Blecken, PhD [Stanford University]

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