Client Survey

Client satisfaction is our SUCCESS!

FlexTrac recognizes that client satisfaction is essential to its success. FlexTrac's continuous investment in new systems and technologies, and consistently successful implementations, helps our clients reduce errors, save money, and improve productivity.

1.) How satisfied are you with the FlexTrac soluiton that you purchased?
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Neither Satisfied or Disatisfied
Somewhat Disatisfied
Very Disatisfied
2.) How often do you use the FlexTrac solution?
Few Times a Month
Do Not Use
3.) If you contacted FlexTrac Client Support previously, has/ve your concern(s) been resolved to your complete satisfaction?
Yes, by Client Support Representative
Yes, by Client Technical/Developer Personnel
Yes, by Me
No, the Concern(s) was/ere Not Resolved
Haven't Contacted Client Support Previously
4.) What "Enhancements" would you recommend we develop, in order to improve the FlexTrac solution?
Foreign Patent & Trademark Laws
Streamline Calendar Notifications
Move the solution to Web (online web access)
Integration with Accounting Software (eg. Sage One/50, QuickBooks, etc...)

5.) Based on your experience with your FlexTrac solution, would you recommend it to a friend?
Definitely Will
Probably Will
Might or Might Not
Probably Will Not
Definitely Will Not